Google Updating Search Results To Witness The Real Time Events

Google Search Results Update Witnessing Real Time EventsGoogle has updated its online search algorithm and has claimed to link the search results with real the time world events.

The search algorithm of Google is still it’s the principal money making tool. The company claims that its latest corrections of the algorithm are now capable of bridging users with the real world events. A Google expert Amit Singhal has predicted that the refinements are likely to affect 35% of searches conducted on Google.

Singhal said Google queries will not only consider the recent events but when keywords such as ‘olympics’ are sought, results for the London 2012 Olympic will precedethe formerOlympic Games. Singhal added that all these will make Google’s search results simpler.

One interesting aspect of the latest modifications is that the company discriminates what types of queries should be priority.

Although Google advertises far more for the Android operating system, the company’s search engine is still itsprincipal revenue generator.

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