EU To Ask The Tech Giants For Details Of Patents

EU Asks The Tech Giants For Patent DetailsThe European Commission has sought detailed patent information from technology giants like Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics , andso on which are capable of leading to the exposure of legal proceedings in a densely populated region of the patent laws.

“The Commission has sent formal requests for info to Apple and Samsung emphasizing on the enforcement of standards oriented patents in the cellphone telephony sector,” the European Union’s counter-trust body disclosedon the last Friday.

“Such requests for patent info are standard procedure in counter-trust investigations in order to facilitate the Commission in establishing the relevant evidences in a case.”

Standards patents are the special patents that cover an area being crucial to compliance with the industry standards such as Wi-Fi or 3G.

Unlike the regular patents, it is mandatory for others to be licensed on a reasonable, fair, and non-discriminatory basis—commonly known as FRAND.

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