Google’s “Do A Barrel Roll” Fun Query

Looking for a 5-second afternoon of fun? Then, do a barrel roll!

Google has yet again surprised us with the “do a barrel roll” trick. If in case you aren’t familiar about it, you might as well try it for yourself. It’s simple. On Google search, just type in ‘do a barrel roll’ and get ready to be amazed for your computer screen would make a 360-degree turn.

Google’s “do a barrel roll” fun query is intended to display the power of CSS3 which is a presentation feature of modern browsers, so this might not work the same in older browsers such as the Internet Explorer. Newer browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox support HTML5 which makes this online trick work. This feature is also available for iPhone, but not in Android and Blackberry.

Searching the phrase ‘Z or R twice’ also gives you the same spin like the ‘do a barrel roll’ feature. This is in reference to Star Fox, a Nintendo 64 video game very popular in the 1990s, wherein the barrel roll can be executed by toggling the Z or R button twice.

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