Solutions To iPhone Battery Issue

 iPhone Battery Issue Solutions As admitted earlier this week by Apple, iOS 5 includes some harmful bugs capable of affecting the battery life for iPhone users. An update is currently under preparation. Though the company has already assigned iOS 5.0.1 to relevant developers, battery life solution won’t arrive within the next few weeks.

What is an iPhone user supposed to do,in the meantime? Consequently, Byte has offered a number of fruitful of suggestions to enhancethe potential battery life of iPhone with the use of settings tools. This method works to some certain extents, but if these techniquesare not yielding satisfactory solution to iPhone’s battery life, some alternative solutions are available that are certain to work effectively.

Mophie has introduced somelong made cases for iPhone that are almost double the size of the battery packs. The iPhones are inserted into these cases.A docking pin is used for connection within the case.

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  1. CJ Wang says:

    MiLipower.com has iPhone battery/cases that will double, triple, or quadruple your iPhone 4S battery life. You can use your iPhone 4S the way it was meant to be. Go get yourself a battery pack for your iPhone 4S and stop worrying about running out of power.

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