Apple Siri Encounters Another Technical Outage

Apple Siri ETechnical OutageFormer adopters of the voice command service of Apple has questioned whether the feature has been released earlier than it was supposed to be, as Siri exhibits another technical outage.

On Wednesday, a group of Siri users started posting to the Siri page of the Twitter complaining that the voice-command service wasn’t functioning properly. This malfunctioning has been attributedto the network connectivity trouble.

Siri builds its connections through Apple’s servers with a view to processing each and every request. This leads many individual requests to be speculated that the servers are not currently capable of coping with the heavy traffic. Siri had previously suffered its first technical drawback immediately upon the release of iPhone 4S. However, the new trouble seems to be adding strength to the arguments that, Siri must not overlook all of its outages if it wants to competewith the upcoming Nexus Prime.

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