Cable TV Plan Of Google Offers Gambit Or Gamble

Cable TV Plan Google Gambit Or GambleGoogle is reportedly offering cable TV services with a view to building out extra high speed Internet service.

According to Wall Street Journal, the online search engine provider has arranged an “exploratory” discussion focusing on launching this service in two different regions such asKansas City, Kan., andKansas City, Mo.in co-operationwith Walt Disneyand Time Warner.

Kansas City has included already eleven hundred cities and emerged as the guinea pig forthe proposed broadband internet test of Google. Consequently, this will provide Internet speeds of 1Gbps.

Google has refused to comment, but joining the precise pieces of evidencetogether gives the answer tothe company’s interest in its high-speed broadband connection.

Faster Internet access reveals horizonof new opportunities to programmers for writing game applications and other graphics related programs. YouTube videoclips-sharing service of Google would be benefited greatly from faster data facilitation, generating increased number of video views and more advertisementson Televisions.

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