“Call of Duty” Gamers Can Get Premium Options At $50 Extra

The Call of Duty has sold more than 65 million units in the United States and large numbers of fans are lining up every day to buy the last installment of the war related video game.

The controversial game named “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” will arrive in the stores on Tuesday. The storyline is a simple continuation of its 2009 predecessor. The game will be the first in the series to have a new member service named “Call of Duty Elite.”


The users will be able to sign up for a free social network which centers around the new game. For the premium services, the users will have to shell out an extra $50 per year in addition to the $60 value of the game.
The subscribers will be able to get a new piece of content which they can easily download every month. They can also use it to participate in the competitions. Every time, the new content will have the new maps and the different modes of the game play.

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