Google’s Patent Attorney Makes Legal Reformations Attempts

Google Patent Attorney Legal Reformations AttemptGoogle stands at the edge of escalating cellphone patent wars since the developer of its recent operating system known as Android has brought in lawsuits and countersuits.

Depending on whom to ask, the company is being treatedas high skilled professional in the debate between du jour and the intellectual properties — or a cunning patent thief.

As reported by the Morning’s Chronicle, Tim Porter, Google’s patent counsel criticizes the system claiming that the former is broken.

For a long period, the patent office adopted protective measures against vague or stolen ideas that masquerade as inventions. This incident naturally led to the legal drama which is being unfolded currently, he claimed.

Tim Porter responded to a questionnaire on this issue.

Q: Licensing and cross-licensing are the healthy and natural solution to the ongoing of patent disputes. What will recommend you as a healthy solution?

A: I hope that the company may work out solutions between themselves.

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