Surpassing The Barrel Roll: Easter Google Eggs

Surpassing The Barrel Roll Easter Google EggsThe popular Google search titled as “do a barrel roll”caught huge attention in the ongoing week. However, it’s their one of the Easter eggs that has been kept hidden for so long.

Google has been covering things of its own, very often in a peculiar way for years. For example, the company has been basing theIPO price on ‘e’ which is the base of mathematical logarithm. Another precise example is Google has been showing ‘pi’ in the sky at 3 o’clock in the morning with the iGoogle theme. Additionally, the company has been showing instances in the science fiction books, video games, and Lego.

The magnificent approach adds a touch of personality to the company that has made so far away to become an Internet giant. The main reasons for which Google has been introducing these Easter eggs can attribute to amusement, variation etc. Analysts opine that, there are a lot of hidden tricks by Google which will be exploited in due course of time.

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