Steve Jobs’ Interview Gets Screened

Apple Steve Jobs Interview ScreeningApple’s fan boys and Steve Jobs’ fans will probably wish to set reminders on iPhone handsets for Thursday and Wednesday of the next week of this month.

Those were the days when a recently unreleased interview with Steve Jobs was scheduled to be screened at Landmark Theaters in many large cities throughout the U.S.A

“Steve Jobs’ Lost Interview,” this is how the 70-minute program is now being called. The program consists of a Q&A that was conducted with Jobs during 1995, after he’d been fired from the company that he co-founded later and created the legendary iPhone, iPod, and iPad in collaboration with this company.

The 70 minute interview was conducted by Robert Cringely, a renowned writer and producer, for his PBS miniseries in 1996.

Cringely explained to the LA Times that only ten minutes of the original conversation ended up in “Triumph,” and the rest of the footage were considered as a sequel which is found nowhere.

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