5 Reasons Behind Siri Not Becoming A Google Killer

Reasons Siri Not Becoming A Google KillerApple will certainly not license its Siri to other manufacturers of smartphone. If Siri remains as an iOS-only phenomena it results in that it will never achieve enough market share for challenging Google’s financials. It is not capable oftaking massive revenue away from the Google.

Android has proven its “adequate” sells already. A Google alternative for Siri doesn’t have to be as effective/ cute as the Apple products.

Siri may face difficulties to sell across the large demographic groups. Apple has never appearedas a universal brand because of its price.

Google already knows about thein general people’s need and should containsufficient data to launch a smarter feature than Siri. This challenge proves that Siri stays clearly ahead.

Google searches overlaps with Siri’s functionality only by a small degree. Siri cannot be a replacement for the traditional Google searches for which Google plays monopoly in the IT market.

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