New Resurgence Pack For Modern Warfare 2




modern warfare 2

modern warfare 2


New downloadable content has been launched by Activision for the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. The new stimulus package is called Resurgence and is available for the Xbox 360 through Xbox live . The Playstation 3 and PC famers should wait until it is made available in the respective platform.

Call of Duty is a military misssion game abd is played by most of the gamers across the world. The get is second downloadable content pack(DLC). Basically a DLC allows to add additional features to the game like map for online multiplayer game. As per the creator, the new DLC seems to have three new map features like Trailer Park, Carnival and Fuel.

Trailer Park:

Trailer park is likely to be a super condensed map which allows the player to go through cutting abondoned trailers which will be more similar to “a amaze”.


It is very clear from the name that it is a day time map used for “decimated amusement park” which includes fun rides, rollercoaster and fun houses.

Fuel: Fuel would be sniper heaven and will set in an open oil refinery.




modern warfare 2

modern warfare 2


Two old maps – Vacant and Strike from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfware will also be included. Thr price of this new pack is yet to be announced.

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