Fire And Nook Not Threats To iPad

Kindle Fire And Nook Threatens iPadBarnes & Noble released its Nook Tablet at $249 on Monday which was preceded by Amazon entering the seven-in. Android tablet market. The Nook is ready to go to the markets at the next week following the Amazon’s $199 priced Kindle Fire tablet’s shipping date.

Neither Kindle Fire nor Nook Tablet competes with Apple regarding the tablet market, reported by analysts.

“I don’t think Apple would haveworry about the release of Kindle fire or nook tablets.” claimed Tom Mainelli from IDC. “The Nook and the Fire tablets are opening the market for a larger group of customers who would dare to spend 500 dollars for an iPad. Instead, it legalizes the categories.”

Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester Research analyst, agreed that the couple of low priced Android tablets are capable of putting pressure on Apple’s being the tablet leader.

“The Nook along with the Kindle Firewill expand the market,” said Sarah. “All the features can witness success.”

“But if Apple continuesto sell iPads at current price, it may sell about 20 million in the 4th quarter,” she added.

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