Facebook Founder Zuckerberg’s Victory Lap

Mark ZuckerbergOfficially, Mark Zuckerberg(the Facebook founder) stepped on the Harvard Yard on the Monday afternoon for recruitment purpose. It was a campaign for finding freshertalent engineers with a view to helping the Facebook members continuing itsjourney to Internet domination. But there was another concealed purpose of the visit to the Harvard campus in whichFacebook was created in an ordinary room at the Kirkland House. To Zuckerberg, it was like returning home after conquering the entire world on internet.

Zuckerberg is like the hero of the generation on Harvard campus. “Bill Gates, not that much as he’s too old. Steve Jobs is standing on the same platform. But Mark Zuckerberg is the best,” quoted by Joseph Botros, a fresher for computer science who failed to witness Zuckerberg’s speech but expressed himself in the Harvard Square on that afternoon along with coupleof pals just willing to get a simple glimpse of Zuckerberg during a press conference held outside lasting for onlyfive minutes. 

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