Samsung Plans To Sell Touch-screen Windows 8 Computer In 2012

samsung touchscreen computerSamsung Electronics Co. is now planning to start selling touch-screen computers adding latest Windows operating system. This touch screen computer selling will start during the second half of next year as it is looking to tap the market for portable, yet powerful devices.

The product will possibly be a enhanced version of the Series 7 computer, which comes with a touch screen along with a wireless keyboard, said Uhm Kyu Ho, head of sales and marketing at Samsung’s personal-computer business. Today in an interview in Seoul, he informs that this portable computer will run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8. Microsoft on Sept. 13 has launched the latest version of its Windows operating system with a device manufactured by Samsung. The program, allows ultra-thin laptops and tablets to start instantly and remain functional entire day on a single charge. This is an endeavor to leap Microsoft into a fast-expanding market controlled by Apple and Google’s Android software.

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