Nokia N900 With Word Prediction Software

Nokia has launched another fascinating handset for the cellphone users who always crave for the best in their life named Nokia N900.The Nokia N900 is a handset which is designed with supreme perfection to provide outstanding performance. With the size of 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 (19.55) mm this handset is slightly heavier at 181 gram weight. With side slide keyboard it looks extremely stylish piece of art. The 3.5″ touch display offers clearly visible texts and graphics.

Typing messages are very much convenient on this handset as it has got a tactile full QWERTY keyboard with word prediction software; hence minimum chance of error happens. This GSM cell phone allows up to 6.3 hours of talk time. The battery back up is very powerful.  This mobile has incorporated several elements for entertainment purposes. You can listen to music or play mobile video games in your spare time. Apart from these features you can also enjoy taking photographs or videos, web browsing, video calling and internet calling facilities. Software Maemo browser enables to enjoy various third party applications like never before. There is one major factor that compels the users to go for this handset, the Skype support. In fact, this is about the best Skype experience you can ever see on a mobile phone.

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