Apple Not Offering Siri To Its Older Devices

Apple Not Offering Siri To Its Older DevicesAccording to reports, Apple has confirmed to the developers that it’s planning to bring Siri, used on the iPhone 4S, to any of its older device. In an Argument that the developers would take attempts to implement unauthorized access to Siri on the iPhone-4, iPad-2 and other iOS devices, a coder contacted the company suggesting to release an effectivepaid upgrade so that users may get Siri support officially, as reported by Michael Steeber reports. Consequently, Apple respondedclearly on the suggestion.

Apple is still facing troubles includingthose wily users availing facilities of workarounds for accessing Siri on older Apple features and gadgets. Siri has already started touse authentication tokens on the iPhone-4 and iPhone-3GS. Unlike other instances of software hacks, the Siri port isn’t that vulnerable to hacks. In an addition, Apple’s servers are needed to be convinced speak to the applications too, having a wrong concept that the handsets are usually 4S variants.

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