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Audials Moviebox 9 ReviewWe come across many instances where we require some video or audio conversions, recording, downloading videos from YouTube. For a temporary solution, we Google it and get our tasks done, of course with a lot of time being wasted. Audials Moviebox is the perfect solution to perform all the tasks above from a single environment. We got to test the various features of this software and the bottom line was that, Audials could have provided much better than what they offered.


DVD Ripper:

People buy a lot of DVD Movies, Preserve their video collections and it is obvious that at some point, the DVD’s either gets lost or doesn’t work. It’s always safe to have private copies of the DVD. The DVD Ripper feature of Audials Moviebox does exactly that – Creates a private copy of the DVD.

Audials Moviebox ConverterUniversal Converter:

We have lot of devices such as the smartphones, tablets, iPods etc. Each one has a different screen resolution and different file format support. Hence a DVD that you bought might not work with all these devices. The universal converter helps the user to select the device such as Apple, Android, Blackberry, DVD Player, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, Zune, and Gaming Devices to make the video play in the selected device. The formats are selected by default, which can be changed if required, and the Codecs are loaded for the conversion. This is the slight delay which we probably hate a bit. The conversion takes place smoothly and comparatively faster than many other video converters available in the market. The playback of the video is smooth and we can test the size and quality as soon as it’s converted by playing back the media file right from the playlist. Obviously, there is also an option to extract just the audio from the video file J

Audials Moviebox Download Streaming VideoStreaming & Recording:

This is one feature not many softwares have. Obviously in Moviebox, there were a few flaws in this as well. But something is better than nothing. The streaming and recording feature allows the user to record any streaming videos that are currently running on your PC. You need to start this functionality and load any YouTube video. A download bar appears at the top of the browser. The download takes place smoothly. But we had a few annoying problems. We couldn’t download multiple videos at a time, which meant that the next video can be downloaded only if the current video is downloaded fully. I tried skipping the current download and wanted to download the next video. But unfortunately it didn’t work, a Major Bug in the software. But I have to appreciate the fact that the streaming videos are detected automatically and the download bar appears at the top of the browser window, allowing you to download your wanted videos.

The best part was that, though the YouTube video is downloaded in FLV format, there is an option to convert it into any compatible format for your device as soon as the download is complete. This is something pretty useful, because most of the devices don’t support FLV format and hence a quick conversion of file format makes everything smooth.

Audials Moviebox PlaybackMedia Center:

The last important feature of Moviebox is that, you can sync your media files with other devices. Just download your favourite videos, convert and then synchronize it with the device of your choice. The best part is that, all the media files are organized with the appropriate tags, allowing you to export files quickly and smoothly. You can also enjoy the videos from anywhere thanks to Cloud Storage. Cloud Services such as Amazon, TelekomCloud and Strato have already been configured.

Overall, the Audials Moviebox is multipurpose software having loads of functionality, with a couple of flaws. But surely worth a try 🙂

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