Google Lawyer Inquires Broken Patent System

 Google Lawyer Broken Patent SystemGoogle is currently standing at the edge of accelerating cellphone patent wars, as its Android developers triggered substantial scores of counter suits and lawsuits.The company is now fighting endless battle against the issue of intellectual property theft.

Interviewing with The Chronicle, Tim Porter, Google’s patent counsel, claims that the system is broken itself.

The patent office has been adopting protections against vague or unoriginal ideas appearing as inventions. That indispensably resulted in legal unfolding of dramas, he added.

There is certainly no doubt that smart-phone software of the online giant has been tremendously successful. With the offer of free operating system, it opened horizons to companies like Motorola, HTC, and Samsung in delivering devices that worth competition with the breakthrough gadgets of Apple.

Meanwhile, companies like Apple, Oracle and Microsoft are claiming that Android system is constructed on technology stolen from them. Oracle accused Google outright. Microsoft and Apple are chasing the companies using Android software, attributing charges against the sales.

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