Net Bandits Charges $14 Million Advertisement Fraud Case

Net Bandits Charges $14 Million Advertisement Fraud CaseInternet bandits has devised an international plan to hijack more than about four million computers around the world so that web surfers browsing IRS.gov,Netflix, and other renowned websites would be brought to sites generating minimum $14 million fraudulent profits, according to an official report unveiled in New York on Wednesday.

The report disclose that about 500,000 computers in the entire United States are infected. The stat includes some computers used on educational institutions and government agencies (like NASA). Six Estonians have been brought under law, and extraditions are being sought, as said by authorities. One Russian is currently under surveillance.

“The alleged persons hijacked 4 million computers in 100 countries, including about half million computers in U.S.A, rerouting online traffic, and generating about $14 million illegal revenue,”  as said by Janice K. Federacy, the assistant director in charge.“The cyber criminals have been engaged in a large scale and sophisticated fraudulent scheme that has infected around 4 million computers in more than 100 countries with deleterious software or malware”, the report claims.

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