Hackers Hit The Online Game Service Valve

Hackers Hit Online Game Service ValveThe Steam online game service, enjoyed by about 35 million users, has been attacked by hackers.

Valve, owner and operator of Steam, discovered an infiltration into itsuser database after investigating a potential security breach of the discussion forums.

The attackers have used login details stealing from the discussion forum for accessing the database containing ID as well as credit card info.

Valve stated that, so far, there had been no evidence that the credit cards or Steam accounts were being abused.

The finding took place on the 6 of November. Consequently, the Steam forums went offline onthe Valve’s learning of the cyber-attack.

Initially, the firm notified that the discussion groups went offline for the maintenance purposes.

However, a notification posted to the forums by Gabe Newell, the Valve boss, on Thursdayhas unveiled that the sites remained offline due to the defacement.

Valve’s investigation revealed that “the intrusion surpassed the Steam forums”.

The attackers accessed to the Steam database containing user names, passwords,and encrypted information of credit card.

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