Facebook Retreats On Privacy

Facebook Privacy IssueFacebook Inc. is about to settle an agreement with U.S. government on the charges that it has misled its users regarding personal information. This is being considered as the recent sign of rising of public concern in case of privacy in this digital age.

According to the people familiar with this matter, the settlement requires users’ consent before being made.The issue is commonly titled as “retroactive changes to privacy policies”. It means that Facebook needs consent for sharing data in a quite different way than users originally decided to use them.

The settlement waits only for the final approval of the Trade Commission. The settlement possesses the potential to reflect substantially. Myriad online services along with many other companies are preparing to develop some complex tools for monitoring people’s online behavior and making profit from the individual information they give. In the recent months, the Federal Trade Commission has been indicating that privacy policy stands on the peak of enforcement agenda.

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