iPhone 4S Patent Case In Australia Gets Resolved

Samsung’s lawyers are currently spending the weekend discussing about iPhone’s source code — an Australian judge of late ordered Apple to proceed as part of the ongoing patent lawsuit in that country. The happening isn’t surprising: since we had already assumed it would occur once Samsung asked for the code in Australia last week. And even as we don’t have all the particulars on what leaked out in the courtroom, we’ve been able to make a pretty good idea of what took place.

It seems sensible that Samsung’s source code request was approved — it’s how you estimate patent infringement claims when you’re managing this type of technology. Apple in fact started handing over the iPhone 4S source code yesterday, and while disagreements over whether Apple’s code production is satisfactory will definitely be raised by Samsung in the future, it looks as if this particular discovery argument has been resolved in Samsung’s favor without too much ordeal.

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