Poor Sale Of Video Games This Year

Poor Sales Video Game 2011This year was certainly not a year for the video games.

The sale was only one percent of the total revenue which is near about one billion dollar until October. By the end of the year it is expected to be two percent which is also below the sales of the previous year. This report is given by the NPD Group.

There are many reasons for this downfall of the gaming business. Economy is becoming harder these days. So peoples are not spending much of their dollar buying games. Also people use to play their regular game which they play online for free & do not like to go for the new arrived games.

Amongst the successful game this year the top selling was the military shooter battlefield from EA Inc. The next to mention is CoD: modern warfare three. Amongst the new genre dancing games are becoming popular more and more. Hopefully the gaming business will do better next year.


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