Focus Shifted From Flash To HTML5

Flash Takes Over HTML5A product manager of Adobe has said about the reason of lack of support for the Flash in the Apple iOS. He pointed that Apple will not help in the development of Flash Player in the mobile devices in the future.

Mike Chambers is the product manager of the developer relations of the Flash platform. He clarifies the plans of the software developers in a blog which was published on Wednesday. According to Adobe the existing Flash Player will be supported for the mobile browsers but there will be no further development as they are more interested to focus on the HTML5. The reason behind this according to Chambers is that the Flash Player on the mobile will never have the equal ubiquity compared to the desktop. Chambers think that a better browser experience on the mobile can be provided by HTML5. Also the drawback of Flash is that it requires more resources. So the focus will be given to HTML5 and not to the Flash in the near future.

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