Video Game Industry Is Looking Forward To This Holiday Season

Even as there’s not much doubt that this year the video game industry will once again show negative growth due to decrease in its demand, publishers are trying their level best to cope with this situation by aiming this holiday season.

The arrangement of key franchises releasing new games during the fourth quarter is incomparable this year and could be a help for both video game players as well as game makers — and, finally, investors.

The December quarter seems top be the most vital to the videogame industry. It represents around 46% of annual software units sold, with the enormous majority of that taking place in November and December. And a lot of analysts are optimistic about this year’s stance.

Billy Pidgeon, who is the senior analyst of M2 Research says, “It looks very strong. People who are looking for hardcore games have plenty of choices and there’s a good slate of must-have games this holiday season — and that’s going to spur other sales, like hardware and more online sales of the add-ons.”

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