Sony’s PSP Could Not Succeed To Offer High Class Gaming Experience

It will be quite justified to state that for a moment Sony’s PSP handheld games console was going through something of long and degrading death. Even this technology giant itself saw fit to restrict PSP software releases to mostly redundant updates of its EyePet and Invizimals franchises – a progress barely prone to cause a deteriorating system to reignite.

In reality, the troubles of PSP’s entire lifetime are countless and well predictable. Take the decision to prepare the system with its own exclusive UMD data storage medium, for instance. Not only did it build the system heavy and involve the user to drag around discs, but it also asked customers to rush out and re-buy their favorite movies on however another platform.

In addition to this what was, with perception, an extremely expensive initial price point, a lack of truly high-class games and the poor release of PSP Go – Sony’s tried digital download-only version – and it’s so obvious that the platform hasn’t delivered the expected  success of, say, Nintendo’s DS.

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