Clash of Titans: Facebook Vs Google+

Facebook Vs Google+Ever since Google has come out with the Google+ for commercial purposes on last Monday, the online tycoon has started to encounter heat for not providing enterprises with basic tools on the primary offering.

Meanwhile, industry analysts ponder that Google+ might have found a profitable niche in the online social networking business among the enterprise users. There has been a common view that Facebook may outdo Google+ when the question of providing businesses with a suitable place for reaching customers arises.

Ray Valdes, a system analyst from Gartner,said “I think Google is preparing itself to draw a balance between the big market demand and the tempting offering to the market.” He also added, “They are not willing to wait until Google+ gets fully featured with important but supplementary features, such as, account transfers,multiple admin supports, and audio file supports.

“In this accelerating race, Google does not possess the option of waiting until the full-feature-offer is ready,” said Valdes.

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