Fire And Nook Tablets Set To Rattle In eBook Battle

Fire Nook Tablets eBook BattleNook or Fire? That is going to be the question of the week when the book barons are preparing to release new portable devices combining eBook reader with Android tablet.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire of $199 is about to ship on Tuesday. On the other hand, Barnes & Noble are about to ship their $249 Nook Tablet a few days later.

The hardware for the above mentioned devices possesses similarities. Both consist of a 7-in color screen with almost same resolution. Each of these are powered by a 1 Giga Hertz processor, both make use of only Wi-Fi for going online. Additionally, both are operated by the custom version of Android 2.3 which is an operating system created by Google especially for phones, but not tablets.

The Nook Tablet stays ahead on some other speculations. It weighs less than Fire tablet, has substantially longer battery life. Besides, it possesses 16GB internal memory (almost double the battery life the Fire) having a SD slot for any future storage augmentation.


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