iOS 5 Battery Fix Witnesses Mixed Reviews

iOS 5 Battery Fix  Mixed ReviewsApple surprised its users by delivering battery fix updates to iOS 5 skeptically sooner than expected. Yet complaints about the battery life continued.

The update arrived about a week following Apple’s first acknowledgement of some of its users’ facing problems with battery life though the upgraded newer version of iOS were available on the market. Afterwards, Apple vowed to deliver a software update for fixing the battery life problems, which the company claimed to be available within a few weeks.

Contrarily, the update appeared just 8 days later, having both iTunes and the air update on devices-integrating features of iOS 5.

But the update is not capable to fix all the problems. Yesterday, huge number of users complained the same issues, and some of the users said that the problem even deteriorated. Apple responded quite positively saying that the fix was aimed at addressing key aspects of the battery life problem. To be more obvious, the company was to investigating the remaining issues.

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