Opteron Chips From AMD Arrives After Long Wait

Opteron Chips AMD Arrives After a long delay and a year long chatter, AMD announced on Monday that its 16-core server chips known as ‘Opteron’ is going to be available soon. It is noticeable that Opteron packs largest number of x86 chips these days.

The brand new Opteron 6200 chip, having codename ‘Interlagos’ are about 25 to 30 % faster than its predecessor, the Opteron 6100 chip of 12-core, claimed by John Fruehe, the of product marketing director at AMD.

“The chips are being shipped now and these will be available from HP, Cray, Acer, and dell servers in the forthcoming weeks.”said Fruehe. The processors are mainly Bulldozer,the new chip design of AMD, based providing bandwidth and performance upgrades along with power saving.

“The shipments were delayed only by a couple of weeks.” said Dean McCarron, vice analyst at the Mercury Research. The delay occurred as AMD tried to alter its retrievers fortune after losing their share of market to Intel.


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