Contents Trigger Kindle Fire’s Success

Contents Trigger Kindle SuccessOvercoming a year of rumors, the Amazon Kindle Fire is now available in the reviewers’ hands.

Although Kindle Fire is not being speculated specially as an Android tablet, the device having 7-inch display will certainly be treated as an “iPad killers.” With the upwards of five million Kindle Fires ordered for the 4th quarter, it could be considered as successful. But what is amazing that everyone is talking about Amazon tablet?

Amazon issued couple of press releases in the last week briefing the contents that await Kindle users. The Kindle Fire includes access to above 18 million tracks, eBooks,TV shows,magazines, applications, and games. There will be huge number of contents to entertain the users.

The device not only offers the Amazon products and services but also possesses support for Hulu Plus and Netflix. At this initial stage, Android developers wouldn’t be stupid enough to entertain in consideration of releasing apps on Kindle Tablet. The more the contents, the more will bethe adoption.

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