Google X Secret Lab Unleashed: Redefining The Internet Connected World

Google X Secret LabGoogle, the search giant has come up once again in the limelight when New York Times revealed the secret test lab – Google X that Google runs somewhere in the bay area of the United States. So what does Google X Mean? Google X is a Google Labs project launched as a competition in 2005 and was shut down the day after its launch. Well, initially it was just the Google search bar with a User Interface similar to Apple’s Mac. But now, it seems like Google has more projects under testing in the so called Google X Labs.

Robots are the most important part of their testing and making Life Automatic is what Google aims at. Their Driver less car project worked out to some extent that they are now taking it seriously. Google is also planning to show Ads to passengers on such Automatic Cars. [I wonder whether Adwords is the platform for Advertisers :D]. Many such projects are being tested by Google and they are in a small scale comparatively.

Some fantasies include: Your dinner plate could update your Facebook Status on what you are eating! Sound’s ridiculous? Well, it could be a possibility in the near future. Robots are under testing in Google X Labs. Google has planned to reveal one of their 100 projects by this year end. Hope it will redefine the Internet Connected World!

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