Toggle Between Local Syncing And iTunes Match

Toggle Local Syncing And iTunes Match When you activate iTunes Match on your iOS device (keys: Settings > Music > iTunes Match), you will be capable of viewing a warning that “The iTunes Match is about to replace your favorite music library on the device.” When this outstanding feature was still remaining in beta, the message was valid regarding this sense. Any sort of music you used to have on your device will be deleted completely, for the ease of your library you had uploaded to cloud through iTunes Match. Contrarily, the official iTunes Match released Monday, no longer possesses the drawback. In fact, the music collection on your iOS device that existed before enabling the iTunes Match will not be eliminated. Besides, you can save both time and bandwidth.

Following the enabling of iTunes Match, the songs will be downloaded to your iOS device in a way you prefer. To be more obvious, when a particular song is tapped on, iTunes Match keeps it on the first preference for being downloaded.

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