40th Anniversary Of The First INTEL Microprocessor-Intel 4004

INTEL 4004 Microprocessor chipIntel is currently celebrating it’s 40th anniversary of the first microprocessor ever i.e. INTEL- 4004 which was also the first programmable chip leading to the design of the processors we currently use.

The Intel processor is considered as the standard computer processor design for about 40 years. It is amazing to think that these were preplanned. On the contrary, the original story is quite different.

After making progress in creation of market for DRAM, Intel almost lost some of its ground to competitor semiconductor companies.  No all of us know that the entire large-scale memory industry would be lost eventually to the Eastern part of the globe where costs of production were substantially lower.

That was probably the end of Intel’s growth, as well as that of Silicon Valley, if the next big thing wouldn’t happen titled as Intel- 4004, the very first customer programmable microprocessor. The achievement was attributed to the joint efforts of 3 men, Shima, Hoff, and Faggin.





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