Nook Tablet To Hit The Market Earlier Than Expected

Nook Tablet Hits The Market Earlier Than Expected Customers who have pre-ordered Nook Tablet of Barnes & Noble will be able to receive it from Wednesday which is a couple of days prior to the scheduled date, as stated by a spokesperson from the Barnes & Noble to CNET.

Besides, customers pre-ordering the Nook tablet for an in-store pickup can collect them right from Wednesday.

The Nook Tablet has also hit some of the retail stores of Barnes & Noble’s a day earlier, as revealed by Engadget, in cooperation with a particular image of the Nook Tablet that came on Tuesday.

The availability of Barnes & Noble’s $249 tablet, in comparison to the Amazon’s Kindle Fire $199, has introduced a quite new era.  The tablet has been stuffed with magnificent hardware components. The Nook tablets are available at reasonable price with tempting offer advancing the evolutionary step in tablet market.

Surprisingly, Nook Tablet’s main competitor is about to start the Kindle Fire’s shipping a day early.

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