Major Disappointment On Galaxy Nexus Launch Day

Today Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus have been put up for sale in the UK, but the mobile phone retailer Phones 4U’s exclusivity period wasn’t much smooth. The first in line this morning to get the Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone customers actually got a device running what was actually a test ROM, and had to revisit the stores to have his phone exchanged. In the meantime, Phones 4U has confirmed to reporters that, the unlocked Galaxy Nexus is available which will be off-contract; and they didn’t utter a single word about the SIM-free handset sales is made on the company’s site, in fact, experts are guessing unlocked devices than contract devices have been sold today.

While our reporters visited the Oxford Street, London, Phones 4U store which was exclusively selling the Galaxy Nexus since 8am UK time in order to observe the availability and sales. While Phones 4U sales staff told us the unlocked version of Galaxy Nexus is available at £549.99 ($868. However, other stores had informed that unlocked Galaxy Nexus will not be sold at all, leading to disappointment among Android developers who wants the official Googlephone to test their apps on Ice Cream Sandwich.

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