Aircel Website Down Ahead Of Apple iPhone 4S Pre-order

Aircel iPhone 4S PreorderAircel’s website has gone down just when everyone wanted to pre-order iPhone 4S. Aircel advertised and promoted that on November 18, 2011, people in India will be able to pre-order iPhone 4S. Starting from midnight of November 18, Aircel said, pre-orders can be taken. But earlier in the morning, Aircel removed the pre-order message from the site. Now when we tried to access the website, it shows an Error. The entire website is down! It seems like, the pre-order page is being updated along with a customized home page just to attract Indian users.

The iPhone 4S is officially available in Indian Stores on November 25, 2011 on both Aircel and Airtel. Airtel has not announced any plans for pre-orders or Tariffs. May be the inside news of Apple yet to approve the tariff plans for India might be true. We need to wait a bit more time to see the real scenario. Of course, Aircel might be updating by now for what they promised. Usually during pre-orders, users will be prompted to pay an initial payment with all contact information. Such kind of request is so far not been up on Aircel.

Of course, this is not a professional start for Aircel, a leading telecom operator in India. We will keep you updated about this pre-order when its available. Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: The site now opens in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It still doesn’t open in Google Chrome! 

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4 Responses to "Aircel Website Down Ahead Of Apple iPhone 4S Pre-order"

  1. Lekhni Shankar says:

    Hi All,

    Open this Site in INTERNET EXPLORER.
    It will Surely Open.

  2. Praveen says:

    Hi Lekhni,

    It seems like the site is down in Google Chrome. As you said, its working in Internet Explorer! But how come it’s a browser issue?

  3. pratik says:

    Iphone 4S price revealed!!!

    16gb 44500
    32gb 50900
    64gb 57500

    prices are way too high !!!!!!!!11

    i went to airtel relationship centre personally and found out

  4. aditya says:

    That’s way to high man! what are they thinking? Absolute non-sense! Aburd it is!

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