Amazon’s Kindle Fire In An Open Battle With Nook Tablet

Amazon's Kindle Fire Open Battle Nook Tablet Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet now seem to engage in an open battle.

For both the companies, initial stakes are quite different. Amazon needs to expand its successful Kindle line, which had emphasized on a series of e-readers allowing its users’ accessibility to music and video. This results in placing the 7-inch long Kindle Fire in tougher competition with other competitor tablets on the market, such as Apple’s iPad.

Nook Color of Barnes & Noble was released about a year ago with the offers of some key advantages in comparison to the former gray-scale Kindles. However, the latest Kindle Fire’s release blunted that edge. The bookseller is now too much relying on the new Nook Tablet for establishment of parity in customers’ eyes, with the equivalent Amazon’s offerings. The Nook Tablet’s price is about $50 higher than that of Kindle tablet; although B&N executives have claimed that their device possesses higher advantages regarding screen quality as well as memory capacity.

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