Google’s Gmail App For iOS Reappears

Gmail, an app from Google is currently available absolutely free at the App Store.

After a forged launch earlier this month, the free Gmail app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad reappears in the App store. The latest version of the program, at least on the iPad, is as underwhelming as its original version.

That version was available in the App Store on Nov. 2, but after few hours of its release, Google withdrew this app due to some bugs which were causing an error message to be shown when the app launched, and the notifications feature of this app wasn’t functioning properly.

However many users who are using the buggy version since its release haven’t noticed these problems and many have noticed the app had a tendency to send messages when they poked the save button on them.

Whereas Google’s Gmail app may encompass a few more bells and whistles than Apple’s email client integrated with the iPad, it’s not that much superior than the indigenous software.

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