Oracle Accuses HP For Keeping Itanium Processor Alive

Oracle HP FiascoOracle Corp accused Hewlett-Packard for contracting with Intel to prevent the phase out of Intel’s Itanium microprocessor, according to the court filing by Oracle as it is running a long legal battle with the HP regarding Itanium platform.

According to Oracle’s court filling, HP and Intel have signed a controversial commitment for making the Itanium processor to go through the upcoming couple of generations of computer processors, despite the previous statements of HP claiming that Intel is the decision maker itself to invest in its Itanium processor.

“HP has been making secrete contracts with Intel for retaining the present market demand of the Itanium processors so that HP can succeed in keeping a dead processor alive,” claimed Oracle. “The entire thing has appeared as a remake of the Weekend at the Bernie’s.”

HP representative Michael Thacker commented on the filing “a desperate tactic aimed at extension of the cripple uncertainty in the computer market of Oracle.” On the other hand, Intel has declined to comment.

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