Hackers Attack Illinois Water Station

Hackers Attack Illinois water station  A group of Hackers has successfully infiltrated the water station network in Illinois, which has resulted in severe burnout of water pumps. Such a US computer network has encountered a cyber assault of this kind for the first time, as reported by the Washington post.

The attack was discovered for the time on Nov. 8, when an employee from the municipility water district figured out a major trouble with the SCADA system of the city. According to the report, the system was repeatedly being switched on and off automatically causing the water pump’s burnout. A technician later found that its water system network had been hacked, possibly in the last September.

The attack might have been launched from Russia. It also appears that the hackers waging the attack may be located elsewhere but using a proxy attack for making it appear Russian hackers are responsible for the operations. The water system has been infiltrated by accessing the network software of the SCADA system.

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