Destroy The Village- A Funfilled Gaming Experience For Kids

Kids spend a major part of their time in front of computers playing online video games. Being a responsible parent you must check the computer browser to see which games they are playing. You must be sure whether the game is appropriate for their age or not. If your child is 7 years old or above then the online game called Destroy the Village will surely excite him a lot.
Destroy the Village is a very addictive game. Your kids won’t be disappointed once he starts playing this online game at games.co.uk. It features four different types of rockets with varying fuel, power and speed count. The player has to shoot the rockets at the target spot to destroy village people. The motion and speed of the rockets are entirely determined on the theories of physics and it can give your little child a clear idea about how the rocket can be controlled with the click of a mouse. This is truly amazing and kids feel excited to blow the villagers with the flying rockets.

The graphics and gaming interface looks hilarious. On the option menu the player can choose the video quality and mute the sound if he wants to play in a silent mode. The most advantageous part of this game is that it is not very tricky to play as the kids only need to concentrate upon the tactics, not on the keyboard commands. They will have to remember the upside, right and left arrow keys in respective of acceleration, to lean right side or to lean left side according to the target position.

At each level of the game the player will get three chances to destroy the villagers. After succeeding he can score bonus points and get more upgraded rockets with additional fuel, power and speed efficiency.







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