Hybrid Cars Ensure Safety During Crashes

Hybrid Cars Ensure Safety During CrashesHybrid vehicles are reportedly said to be 25 percent safer for their passengers than the conventional fuel-based car models but these cars appear as noisy to the pedestrians, as revealed by the study conducted by an insurance institute on last Thursday.

Hybrids, which mainly rely on electric internal combustion motors, provide safety in collisions since their batteries make these cars 10 percent heavier than standard counterparts, said the Institute Of Highway Loss Data.

“This additional mass gives an advantage in highway crashes that the conventional fuel models don’t give,” Matt Moore, HLDI vice president, claimed on his study.

On an average, the probability of being injured in a crash is about 25 percent lower in case hybrids than that in non-hybrid models.

In the study, HLDI made an estimate on the casualties that a crash would yield if people ride in a hybrid and in the conventional models.

In a separate study, HLDI depicted that hybrid car are almost 20 percent less collision prone with the pedestrians than their counterparts.

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