Google Supports Adobe’s Muffle Flash

Google Adobe Muffle FlashGoogle has given its consent to Adobe’s giving up of mobile Flash. Instead, Adobe wants its developers to build its applications with HTML5.

Adobe vowed to conclude developing the plug-in for mobile Flash Player of phones and tablets this month.  After all, Google has made Flash substantially popular for its Android operating system developed for Smartphone. While Steve Jobs, Apple’s Founder, lambasted this technology as a slower and inefficient one for running on iPhones and iPads, flash was shown off by Google. For instance, when Google’s senior vice president Gundotra exhibited the Android 2.2 at the Google I/O, he ensured that the exhibition triggers the running of Flash on Froyo Smartphones. “On the Internet, people usually make use of Flash player,” said Gundotra in response to refusal of Apple to use the flexible technology for iPhone and iPad.

It was not just Google. Android OEMs are considered as world champion Flash all over the world and as a strong competitor of Apple’s cell phone devices.

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