Hackers Hit US Based Water treatment System

Hackers Illinois Based Water treatment System Hackers have allegedly destroyed a pump triggering water supply to thousands of residences in Illinois,US.

Hackers accessing to utility network have broken the water pump by frequently turning it on and off.

The FBI and the homeland security department are currently investigating the incident in a detailed way so that any further occurrence can prevented.

Experts said that the news have revealed a growing interest among the critical infrastructures by cyber criminals.

Information about the November 8 incident was figured out via  Joe Weiss’s blog as he advises utilities for protecting hardware against cyber attack.

According to Weiss’s report, hackers obtained hardware access by using login names, passwords that were stolen previously. These were collected from a company that makes control software especially for industrial systems.

The IP address has been tracked and it appeared to come from Russia, reported Weiss. The report claimed “glitches” had been monitored for several months before the pump burnout.

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