Demand For Tablet PC Is Up By Three Times This Festive Season

As compared to the last festive season, it has been observed that the demand for tablet PC is three times higher this festive season. This result has come out of a survey conducted by a website which shows that 14% of the 3000 North Americans have replied to the positive, when it has been asked that whether they are willing to buy any tablet over the period of next ninety days.

The survey also found that 65% of the respondents showed an inclination to buy one Apple iPad 2 and 22% are very much keen in buying Amazon Kindle Fire. Only 4% were willing to buy Samsung Galaxy tab and there was no other tablet vendor who managed to get more than 1% interest.

The officials of the survey company Changewave have made a statement that, “The launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire represents a shot across the bow at Apple, who until now has almost completely dominated the tablet space.”

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2 Responses to "Demand For Tablet PC Is Up By Three Times This Festive Season"

  1. I heard that 1/3 of the holiday season sales in the UK will be spent on IPads and IPods. That’s pretty crazy.. 😉

  2. ipad stands says:

    I was in a local restaurant tonight and our waitress was using a tablet to take out order. Apparently it send the order directly to the back. The app she was using was pretty slick too..I think tablet sales are going to really take off in 2012 in the retail space.

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