FCC Chairman Stands Against Takeover Of AT&T By T-Mobile

FCC Chairman Against Takeover Of AT&T By T-MobileThe chairman of the Communications Commission of U.S.A has strongly opposed the collaboration of mobile phone giants T-Mobile USA and AT&T.

Julius Genachowski unveiled his position in a circulated document send to his fellow commissioners on Tuesday.

Genachowski recommended the collaboration of AT&T Inc.’s with a takeover of proposed $39 billion by T-Mobile to a law judge for a hearing and review. That’s what the fed communication commission did when it opposed the potential merger.

According to an official from the FCC, an analysis reveals that the merger may result in price hikes for the consumers, less investment in the country, less innovation, and less job opportunities.

The review also provides doubt on the claim of AT&T that the merger is the only thing capable of building out 4G high speed Internet service with a view to covering 97% of the entire population, up from approximately 80 percent. The analysis concluded that the AT&T is likely to do so for staying on the competition with Verizon Wireless.

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