Google Done With 7 More Products

Google Eliminates 7 ProductsThe “spring clean at the end of the season” has brought an end to various services such as Google Wave, Google Gears, and Knoll.

The US software firm has announced the elimination of many of its products for the 3rd time. This announcement may be the outcome of recent failure encountered by the company .Experts predicted that the strategy may put off the users from switching to newer services.

Google has made this announcement in the official blog of its own.

The 7 such latest products are listed as the follows:

  • Google Wave – combined email and real-time instant messaging.
  • Google Bookmarks List – helped to share bookmarks with friends.
  • Google Friends Connect – used add social features to webmaster’s sites.
  • Google Gears – used to maintain functionality despite offline working.
  • Google Search Timeline – query results’ graph.
  • Knoll – a Wiki-style project.
  • Cheaper Renewable Energy
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