Kindle Fire Keeps Promises For Adults Despite Criticisms

Kindle Fire Adult ContentAlong with many other popular technologies Kindle Fire retains its promises for creating opportunities for adult content marketers.

The 7-in Android powered Kindle tablet features 8GB internal storage, which is sufficiently enough for storing around 80 mobile apps, plus almost 10 movies and alternatively 800 tracks or 6,000 books. The contents can be displayed up to 8 hours just on a single charge. Moreover, contents can be viewed on screen with resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Kindle offers a tempting palette for the adult artists for creating upon.

KinkforKindle.com of the same company was introduced in 2009. The feature was welcomed as a tempting offer to the kinky and BDSM community.

The main reason for introducing this site is that a lot of erotic fiction of last centuries were being sold on a number of eBook seller sites

Kink standing for Kindle offers content for free. Contrarily, the company offers BDSM movies for Smartphones, iPhone, iPod Touch, and more, through its various cell phone devices and mini portals.

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One Response to "Kindle Fire Keeps Promises For Adults Despite Criticisms"

  1. Sporto says:

    Kindle fire became a best seller tablet this year because the price is very cheap with the features provided by Amazon, complete with a store and download it. Amazon provides its services to be improved. Maybe some people just look at the multimedia side, but the service from other tablets was minimal. Moreover, Amazon promptly correct weaknesses in the Kindle Fire, with soon launching Kindle Fire 2. Reportedly Kindle Fire 2 more to have more features and 10 inch wide screen

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